To remove or not to remove?

Residents of Kovambo Nujoma Drive in Walvis Bay are divided over the recent removal of a speed hump in this street lined with luxury homes and accommodation outlets overlooking the pictures-que lagoon.

Also nicknamed “millionaire’s mile”, Kovambo Nujoma Drive is the main life artery of Walvis Bay Salt for the daily transportation of salt from the salt pans to a stockpiling facility in the port of Walvis Bay. Approximately one million tons of salt is transported by hi-tech salt trucks on Kovambo Nujoma Drive per year.
Residents are divided. There are those who feel the two speed humps, also knowns as speed calming infrastructure, are there for exactly that role. The removal of the southernmost speed hump created a dangerous situation for pedestrians crossing the road. It caused one accident recently.
In contrast, those whose homes or accommodation facilities are closer to this southernmost speed hump, complains of increased noise pollution levels as trucks and other transport drive over it.
An inquiry to the municipality of Walvis Bay revealed home-owners in the immediate area of the southernmost speed hump were consulted in writing. These residents all opted for its removal.
With the speed hump removed, other residents are left frustrated as vehicles speed on this stretch of road.
“We have removed it, as residents complained of the noise. However, we are looking at alternative measures to curb speed in this street,” a senior municipal manager indicated. These, among others, include more pedestrian crossings which will force vehicles to reduce speed.

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