To the rescue: Mozambique

A flight of Bay Air Aviation on a final approach to Maputo International Air-port (Mavalane) yesterday at around noon. The well-known Maputo-Katembe suspension bridge can be seen on the foreground right. That is Africa’s longest suspension bridge, spanning a total of 3km. The picture was taken from the cockpit of the company’s Mitsubishi MU-2 aircraft.

Floris Steenkamp

One of the coast’s best-established names in aviation, Bay Air Avia-tion, is assisting with a massive relief operation in Mozambique where Cyclone Idai has created destruction and demise beyond imaginable proportion.

The sole proprietor of Bay Aviation, Mr Frank Stein, on Wednesday night hours before his departure to Mozambique explained Bay Air Aviation will be assisting flying medical provisions between the capital Maputo in the South and Beira, a trade and port city to the north of the capital. Beira took the brunt of the storm and was virtually flattened by the Cyclone.
“This is the time to act. Bay Air Aviation, by virtue of its vast experience and accumulated operational knowledge as aviation logistics service provider to the offshore oil- and gas exploration business, will assist to make a positive difference to the people of Mozambique, Mr Stein said.
Mr. Stein and a second pilot of Bay Air Aviation departed Windhoek for a flight to Maputo at 06:00 yesterday morning and said if the situation demands, more planes owned and operate by Bay Air Aviation will be put into operation in Mozambique.
“We will assess the situation later in the week when briefed by the various relief operations organisations currently on the ground in Mozambique”, concluded Stein.
The latest situation in Mozambique, according to the UN demands nearly US$300 million in aid over the next three months. Mozambique has an estimated 1.7 million cyclone victims. That is despite neighbouring Zimbabwe and Malawi and other nations in the Region that were also hit.

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