Toddlers don’t tolerate littering! We care for our environment!

Learning Right Kiddies Centre

We at Learning Right Kiddies Centre in Swakopmund held our annual beach clean-up on Saturday, 26 January 2019.

A total number of 64 pre-primary children playfully gathered litter along the popular stretch of the beach between Vineta and the Mole, assisted by their parents and teachers.
The annual beach clean-up is part of the school’s early childhood awareness on littering and pollution. Some of the children who participated were as young as 2 years of age. We believe that children will not only develop responsible behaviour of cleaning up the beach but also acquire the sense of not littering at all, towards ensuring a sustained future of our coast. The opportunity also provided playful bonding of children with their parents and expanding the knowledge base through discussing answers and tricky questions asked by the children, regarding life in the sea and the inter-tidal area.
The children were thereafter spoiled with more playful time in portable kiddy pools and jumping castles. Parents had an opportunity to socialize around barbeque stands, while preparing lunch in the Namibian way, by enjoying a succulent braaied meal.
We urge other schools to follow suit and together we can make a difference. We would like to thank Oshana Water for their support.

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