Top coastal performers rewarded

Rudi Bowe

The Namibia Motor Sport Federation (NMSF), in conjunction with the Windhoek Motor Club (WMC) crowned the well deserved 2018 national champions, which represented the four different Motorsport codes, during a formal prize giving held in the capital.

Coastal drivers Allan Martin, Zachary Martin, Frank Borruso, Michael Behnke, Dyllan Roodt, Vernon Knowles and Terence Knowles was part of the thirty-eight individuals that received trophies in the various classes of Karting, Circuit Racing, Dirt Oval Racing, Drags Racing and Marshal of the year, and the President’s trophy.
Athletes who received trophies of re-cognition from the WMC are:
Class A
Christiaan Liebenberg and Allan Mar-tin
Class B
Michael Rust, Zachary Martin and Michael van Zyl
Class C
Michael van Zyl, Michael Strydom and Jaco Nel
Class D
Matthew Strydom and Clive Strydom
Class E
Nickey Claassens, Matthew Strydom and Janna Smit
Max category
Guido Bidoli, Lo-Andre Bruwer and Jadyn van Zyl,
Junior Max category
Christiaan Liebenberg Jr
Senior Max category
Ivan Vorster, Sean de Klerk and Jorg Gold-beck
Karting Max
Guido Bidoli, Lo-Andre Bruwer and Jaydyn van Zyl
Karting junior max
Christiaan Liebenberg Jr
Karting senior max
Ivan Voster, Sean de Klerk and Jorg Gold-beck
Circuit class A racing
Christiaan Liebenberg and Allan Martin
Circuit class B category
Michel Rust, Zachary Martin and Michael van Zyl
Circuit class C
Michael van Zyl, Mic-hael Strydom and Jaco Nel
Circuit class D
Matthew Strydom, Clive Strydom and Gareth Fourie
Circuit class E
Nicky Claassens and Matthew Strydom
Dirt ovals four cylinders – eight valves category,
Frank Borruso, Zachary Martin and Michael Behnke
Dirt ovals four cylinder – 16 valves category
Allan Martin, Shaeen Emamdien and Dyl-lan Roodt got the trophies.
Dirt ovals six and eight cylinders
Richard Owen, Robbie Schneider and Tian Lourens
Dirt ovals quads 350-450cc category
Brandon Botelho, Jos Diekman and Michael Behnke
Drags 4BF class
Frankir de Rebeira, Roberto Bertolini and Matthew Strydom
Drags 4BR class
Deon Diergaardt and Vernon Knowles
Drags 8BR class
Terence Knowles
Drags bandit overall
McAllen Husselmann
Marshal of the year
Daniella Beukes
President’s trophy
Richard Slamet Jnr

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