Tourist goes missing on inhospitable Brandberg

The widespread aerial search for a missing Senegalese tourist, who is suspected to have climbed the Brandberg mountain alone, did not yield any results so far. At the time of going to print yesterday, there was no trace of 37-year-old Mark Mokosho who is now missing for more than three days.
According to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police regional crime investigation coordinator for Erongo, Mokosho was first reported missing on Friday evening (15 December).
According to Iikuyu, the Senegalese national resides in the United States of America and is currently on holiday in Namibia. “On Friday morning he drove alone from Swakopmund to Brandberg for camping. The vehicle he used is a white Ford Ranger, owned by Namibia Car Rentals”, Iikuyu explained.
Mokosho was spotted by people in the area on Friday during the day, as he had parked the car next to the “D2342” gravel road. The gravel road leads from the C35 to the abandoned Brandberg West tin mine.
That same evening, the car was found next to the D2342 road located about ten kilometers from the Brandberg mountain close to a small out-crop. He never returned to his vehicle and it was already late in the evening, said Iikuyu.
The people in the area notified the Uis Police at around 23:00 on Friday evening. Police officers went out to the scene, but they could not find the missing tourist. The search was resumed on Saturday morning, but without any success.
The rental company was in the meantime informed and retrieved the vehicle.
By Saturday afternoon the police conducted an aerial search by helicopter. Similarly, the non-profit organization Intelligence Support Against Poaching (ISAP) joined the aerial search for the missing tourist with their Super Cub nicknamed “The Protector” (picture above).
It is suspected that the 37-year-old left his vehicle behind and walked to the Brandberg mountain. He then climbed the mountain through the Gâseb gorge. He did not take out a permit nor did he take an experienced guide along.
The aerial search for Mokosho continued yesterday. Two police helicopters were in operation in the area. “No trace of the missing”, confirmed a source close to the search operation minutes before namib times went to print.
There is currently very little water available on the mountain. The past weekend also brought scorching temperatures to the area. Due to the extreme heat, ascending the mountain usually is only possible in winter months. Climbing the Brandberg mountain without a guide is extremely dangerous, as inexperienced climbers can very easily get lost and in the event of an injury it is impossible to get help if there is not someone with you who could go and obtain assistance.
The police have in the meantime called on people in the area to assist in the search and report any suspicious observations to the nearest police station.

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