Town of the Year!

Kwela “Dorp van die Jaar”

Sharlien Tjambari

Swakopmund has taken the Kwêla “Dorp van die Jaar” title on Sunday, the second Namibian town after Henties Bay (2016) to walk away with this much sought-after title

The non-profit organisation Destination Swakopmund played a huge roll for Swakopmund to reel in the prestigious award. The managing director of Destination Swakopmund, Oliver Ahrens, in an interview yesterday expressed his satisfaction with the outcome. He thanked every per-son and every organisation who each in their own time and their own resources contributed towards Swakopmund entering the competition and the ultimate win.
“It is a great honour for us, Destination Swakopmund, to have this title for Swakopmund. Everything we do is for Swakopmund and it is great to have seen how people came together for Swakopmund and made that contribution be it financially or with time, being available. It proofs that our team is stronger. We are a non-profit organisation aimed at marketing Swakopmund”.
Ahrens further explained as per the rules, Swakopmund may not part-take in the competition again within the next five years.
Swakopmund has been on the map before the competition. Kwêla Dorp van die Jaar takes us even further and beyond now. Especially to international markets, further said Ahrens.
He urged businesses and individuals of Swakopmund to continue using existing marketing tools which include social media.
The Chief Executive Officer of the municipality of Swakopmund, Archie Benjamin, takes exceptional pride in the title. He acknowledged the huge role Destination Swakopmund played along with the Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN), the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry Swakopmund (NCCI), the community and the Swakopmund Municipality. “We encouraged the whole Namibia to vote for Swakopmund and we also heard that even South Africans voted for Swakopmund”, he said.
Benjamin further said the way forward is to sell Swakopmund as one product. “Whatever event is hosted in Swakopmund, we must own that event as part of our marketing strategy”.
A major boost for Swakopmund to market itself comes from the prize it won as Dorp van die Jaar. That includes a television time slots for advertising worth N$1 million.
Benjamin explained it will be utilised to promote all economic sectors including Swakopmund’s industries.
The community of Swakopmund gathered at the amphitheater in the central business district on Sunday night, waiting in anticipation whether the town would be Dorp van die Jaar. The announcement was met with great joy. And the winning will be celebrated with a huge party in the first week of December.

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