Traffic chief assures that tours by electric scooters are safe

Sharlien Tjambari

In about two weeks tourists in Swakopmund will be introduced to electric scooters, which according to the Municipal Traffic Chief Melvin Cloete are safe and do not need to be licenced or registered with the traffic department because they weigh about 49kg.

“These scooters are almost like normal bicycles, we have had meetings with Messrs Arthur Lofty-Eaton where he gave us a detailed explanation of how exactly the tours by scooters will be conducted and I must say, the safety aspect was considered. This is a well organised operation and we really hope it works out best”, said Cloete during an interview with namib times.

In 1998, 2 March it was gazetted under item no. 15A.4 (1) that a vehicle which is propelled by electrical power derived from overhead wires shall not be required to be registered and will be exempted from registration.

Messrs Eaton, Founder of Zip Zap electric scooters, said the drivers of the scooters will comply with the same duties as a motor cycle prescribed in the road transport and traffic act, Act22/1999 under regulation 343. According to Messrs Eaton, safety is very important when it comes to tourist, residents and vehicle traffic, therefore the business endeavour should work closely together with all stakeholders to adhere to the traffic rulers for its clients.

“We have considered all safety aspects because we want everything to run smoothly, and we even have insurance should anything happen while touring in town. Our tours will be guided by experienced guides who are well trained to minimise vehicular traffic interference. I must also mention that we are registered with the Namibian Tourism Board as well”.

He added that the only time they will be exposed to too much traffic while touring on the road will be at the traffic lights near Kristal Gallery and on Theo-Ben Gurirab Street, the other streets which they chose to have very low traffic.

Now that the council have approved his proposal, Eaton said he will move into his office, which will be located near KFC in town, soon and once he moves in the tours will kick-start. The scooters have no sound one’s ignition is switched-on and operate with a battery which can last for about 45km drive.



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