Traffic chief explains the presence of his vehicle on parking lot for disabled

Swakopmund’s municipal traffic chief Mr Melvyn Cloete explained this week the reason why he had to park his vehicle on a parking bay designated for disabled drivers. This follows after a member of the public took a picture of him parking there and taking exception to it, as any other motorist could face a fine of N$1 000 for using parking bays that are not open to the general public.

Cloete explained on the day he was called out to a spot in the central business district where a problem arose with a car guard. He responded in his own vehicle and could not find a parking spot and was left no other option than to use this specific parking bay. He had to first observe what the car guard was doing and in order to conceal his presence he entered Pick ‘n Pay from where he could first see the car guard and when he established the car guard was not acting within his duties, confronted him and sorted out the problem.
Cloete said he wasted no time to get back to his vehicle to remove it from the parking bay and said his car was not parked there for more than five minutes.
Cloete thanked the member of the public for the response.

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