Traffic department calls on for a meeting with all taxi’s

The Swakopmund Traffic Department has called on all taxi owners and drivers to a public meeting on Thursday to inform them about new developments, determine a way forward for the future and to discuss road safety issues for the upcoming Easter weekend.
Large numbers of visitors are expected at the coast for Easter. Not only holiday makers, but also people attending and participating in specific events – for instance the Namibian Newspaper Cup.
The traffic department has intensified its operations in Swakopmund since the weekend. These include ad hoc roadblocks at various areas in and around town.
On Saturday morning for instance, all drivers travelling along the Henties Bay Road in a northerly direction were stopped. Vehicles were inspected and drivers scrutinized. All drivers had to undergo an alcohol test.
Ten drivers were found to be driving under the influence, albeit they were below the legal limit and were allowed to continue.

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