Traffic safety in your hands

A high number of visitors are once again expected to visit the coastal town of Walvis Bay, Long Beach, Dolphin Park and Dune 7. Our duty as Law Enforcements Officers is to ensure that the traffic flow is monitored, that all motorists act within the parameters of the law of this country.

This will only be achieved with cooperation with other Law Enforcement Agencies and Stakeholders (Namibian Police, Roads Authority, MVA, etc). Duties for the festive season will start from 3 December and will end on 18 January 2016. Please ensure road safety and prevent traffic accidents within Walvis Bay as well as the route between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund and the gravel road behind Dune 7 to Swakopmund (C34). We will do our best to prevent crime by ensuring motorists abide by traffic rules (zero tolerance approach i.t.o. the Road Traffic and Transport Act 22/99). There will be visible policing to assist whenever possible and when needed. We will enhance road safety and traffic accident prevention. The main focus will be to ensure free flow of Traffic in and around town. Accident contributory factors such as drunken driving, inconsiderate driving, speeding, reckless and or negligent driving, over-loading, roadworthiness of vehicles, use of cell phone whilst driving and failure to wear safety belts shall be dealt with a zero tolerance approach. Traffic officers will focus on patrols in town and on main roads and to conduct special operations with identified targets. Officers will also conduct duties at mobile and fixed roadblocks. Regular crime tips, road traffic updates and information sharing through local media and radio by an appointed member. Ensure prompt and timely attendance to reported incidents. Secure free flow of traffic through constant patrols, regular road traffic check points, speed measuring duties and random alcohol checks.

We will assist the Namibian Police with traffic law enforcement duties by attending to the roadblocks outside town on a regular basis, assisting with the alcohol tests when requested, attending to incidents when needed. All activities will be executed in conjunction with the duty roster drawn up for the period concerned. Patrols and visits to Long beach will be conducted on a daily basis. Please check all vehicles for roadworthiness, loading of goods and passengers, public transport permits, driving license and fitness certificates. Vehicle patrols will be done in town and on main roads and members will focus on accident contributing factors such as inconsiderate driving, disregard of road traffic signs, unsafe and illegal over-taking and reckless and or negligent driving.

Emergency contact numbers: Acting CTO – Mr Rickerts  -081 122 0821; Senior Traffic Officer – 081 124 3423; Standby number                -081 127 2662

We wish all motorists an accident free Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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