Tragedy as shack fire destroys family of three

Eileen van der Schyff

The thirty-year-old man who sustained 85 percent burn wounds in a shack fire in Tutaleni in Walvis Bay on Friday evening has died in the Katutura hospital over the weekend. His wife, who too sustained 85 % burn wounds, are still fighting for her life in the same hospital. The couple’s one year old child miraculously escaped the inferno unharmed, the Namibian Police confirmed over the weekend.

According to the Police, the couple, identified as 32-year-old Paulus Hangula and Ester Phillipus (30), arrived at their shack on Thursday evening heavily under the influence of alcohol. They had with them their one year old child.
The parent’s shack has no electricity supply and they lit candles. They fell asleep with the candles still burning and it started a fire. By the time the couple realised what was happening they already sustained 85 % burn wounds over their bodies, but their child was unharmed.
The couple was transferred to Windhoek from the Walvis Bay state hospital, but sadly Mr Hangula succumbed to his burn injuries on Saturday.
This incident follows only days after the Namibian Police has announcement that in three incidents parents will be charged for child neglect. These were as a result of similar incidents where vulnerable children were left alone whilst parents were out drinking and also the case of the killing of 9-year-old Avihe Cheryl Ujaha which the police believes should never have happened had the mother properly looked after her

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