“Trenchless” sewer instalation technology soon tested in Walvis Bay

The Walvis Bay municipality plans a pilot project at Narraville to install a new sewer line system using so-called trenchless sewer replacement technology. The technology allows for the installation of a sewer line underground without having to open the ground the conventional way by digging trenches.
The technology entails a drilling system whereby a drilling head bores a hole in the ground to a required depth. The drill bit then turns horizontal and bores a tunnel to the required point, and at the same time installs the pipes as it goes.
“We are currently in the procurement process for a service provider that uses this trenchless sewer replacement technology. We will pilot the project in Narraville and if proven the right solution, it will be introduced as a standing technique across Walvis Bay’, a well-informed source explained yesterday.
Trenchless sewer installation is beneficial in built-up areas where trenching disrupts traffic flows or where there is little space available to work.  In the meantime, the municipality of Walvis Bay also apologised for inconvenience caused with the replacement of sections of old sewer lines in Rikumbi Kandanga- and 6th Streets in Walvis Bay.
In a short statement the local authority says replacing the old sewer lines remains a top priority. Reference is again made to the trenchless sewer installation technology that is envisages as well as the installation of sewer lines with a bigger diameter (upsizing).
Members of the public in recent months and weeks complain of sewer blockages in parts of the Lagoon suburb, in 6th Street and in the light industrial area where the sewer system is by far inadequate to handle the load.

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