Eileen van der Schyff

Walvis Bay boast the birth of triplets. The two boys and a girl made their arrival into this world at noon on 3 January at the Walvis Bay state hospital by caesarean.

The first boy born weighed 2.7 kg, the second weighed 2.2 kg and the girl was born last with the lowest weight of the three, weighing only 1.5 kg. The triplets’ mother Selima Heita is in fact also one of twins. She has a twin brother. The triplet’s father, Henok Amadhila is very proud of their three blessings.

Namib times spoke to the hospital’s Gynaecologist, Dr. Joseph Luis Miranda, who helped deliver the three babies. Miranda had a blossoming year when it comes to twins. “I started at this hospital last year in May and have in the few months here, delivered twelve pairs of twins.” Miranda said. As far as Namib Times could determine, these triplets are the first to be born here without complications.

The coast also saw the births of several babies on Christmas and New Year’s Day: The Swakopmund state hospital saw the birth of four babies on Christmas Day. Two boys and two girls. On New Year’s Eve, one baby was born at the District Hospital.
The stork gave Cottage Medi-Clinic a skip. No babies were born there on either Christmas or New Year. Two baby girls were born in Walvis Bay state hospital on Christmas no births on New Year’s Day, reports Sharlien Tjambari and Isaac Chikosi from the Namib Times Swakopmund office.
A baby boy was born at Welwitschia Private Hospital on Christmas Day and another on New Year’s Day.

Second photo – Dr Miranda who delivered the babies by C-section, the triplets’ mother and maternity staff yesterday. The boy will be named Joseph, which is the first name of Dr Miranda.

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