Two 5-year-olds drown

Isaac Chikosi

Tragedy struck a small farm community near Karibib on Wednesday, when two five-year-old boys drowned in a dam on the farm Leventina-Ombujomenge. The drownings followed only days after a 14-year-old girl drowned in a swimming pool near Otjimbingwe during a church weekend outing.

According to a Namibian Police spokesperson in Erongo, DWO Daniel Gurirab, the two five-year-olds, Niklaas Nanda and Josef Ngoshi were playing outside and somehow ended up in the farm dam. The two children did not have adult supervision at the time.  According to police reports, the mother noticed the boys in the water and although also unable to swim, she jumped into the water to try and save the two boys.  In the process the mother almost drowned too. A farm worker realised the drama unfolding. He dived into the water, saved the mother and also took the two boys from the water.
They were found to have already died.

With the holiday season fast approaching a warning has been extended by the Namibian Police for parents to be vigilant when it comes to child supervision during holiday outings. Whether at the beach or visiting holiday homes and visiting friends where there are a swimming pool on the premises, parents should always ensure kids are supervised and that they are always seen. Never assume, always ensure you have your eyes on your children, as a drowning incident can ensue without notice.
It can happen in the event of an unexpected wave, a rip current or where people are relaxing at home not noticing a young child falling into the swimming pool.

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