Two children seriously injured in hit and run incident at Langstrand

Eileen van der Schyff

Residents of Langstrand expressed hope yesterday that the person be held account-able who allegedly injured a toddler and a teenager in a hit and run incident in a street of this usually quiet seaside suburb.

On Sunday, the two children, 3 years and 15 years old, were knocked down by a vehicle near Langstrand’s new fuel service station. Reports are confusing as to the status of the culprit who allegedly knocked down the children. Both children were hospitalised with serious injuries.
The teenage girl suffered both a fractured pelvis and broken leg.The toddler that was injured in the hit and run incident at Langstrand on Sunday is seen here in a hospital at the coast. X-rays show the leg- and pelvis fractures the teenage girl suffered. The driver of the vehicle that hit the children has been arrested.

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