Two trucks lose their loads at Swakopmund

Two huge granite blocks fell from a truck on Wednesday evening at the traffic circle on the eastern outskirts of Swakopmund. Earlier at the same day the load of a truck transporting two litre Coca Cola bottles shifted.

The first incident occurred late in the afternoon after a truck, which was travelling to the Coca Cola depot in Walvis Bay, entered Swakopmund. The driver stopped the vehicle close to the Puma Service Station after he noticed that the entire load had shifted and was almost falling of the flatbed trailer.
All the Coca Cola bottles had to be loaded onto other trucks and then transported to Walvis Bay. It is suspected that the load shifted to the side whilst the driver was going around the traffic circle. No damage was caused though.
Later that same evening a truck lost two huge granite blocks whilst travelling around the new traffic circle constructed on the B2 highway east of town. The truck apparently drove over the traffic circle, causing extensive damage to the tyres.
The two blocks smashed on the sidewalk, causing further damage and demoli-shing one lamppost entirely.
Residents have called on the Swakopmund Municipality to set up small hobbles as you enter Swakopmund, to warn drivers of the upcoming traffic circle so that they slow down. Since its construction a surprising number of trucks have toppled over entirely at the traffic circle close to the Swakopmund truck port.

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