Two year old’s death not murder – autopsy report

The death of a two-year-old girl in Kuisebmond last Thursday sparked a wave of rumours and speculations regarding what caused the child’s death. Many were pointing fingers to the mother for allegedly beating the child.

An autopsy in the meantime confirmed the child died of a natural cause and no injuries were found that could even point the slightest finger to abuse and any substance to the allegations.
Nampol confirmed the girl’s cause of death as natural, after receiving the autopsy results on Monday.
The police initially investigated the matter as murder, due to the information alleging that the woman and her boyfriend had been quarrelling and when he left she apparently beat the child causing her death.
Investigating officers immediately stepped back when it was found the girl had in fact not died at the hands of her mother or anyone else; to avoid causing the grieving family even more pain which has escalated since the rumours had started doing its rounds.
A senior police official said although the public’s assistance with regard to information on crime incidents and the whereabouts of criminals are crucial, it is also unfortunate that in other instances rumour mongering causes confusion, unfounded anger, loss of value time to investigate crimes and most importantly pain to the loved ones of the person who passed away.

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