Unik Construction to fork out N$24 000 monthly to rent land for MR44 construction camp

The company Unik Construction Engineering Namibia, which has been awarded the contract to upgrade the road between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay (MR44) behind the dunes to a freeway standard, will set up a construction camp close to the turn-off to the B2. The area measures 15 000 m².

The application for the lease of a portion of land for the purpose of setting up a construction camp was brought up at the Swakopmund Town Council meeting.
Town Council approved the application and construction work at the new camp has already commenced. In the Agenda it states though that Unik was however informed that the area may not be used as accommodation for staff and also not for the preparation of tar.
According to the Agenda of the meeting the monthly lease for the total area was set at N$24 750.
Furthermore it states that a deposit of N$100 000 is applicable and meant for the rehabilitation of the area if required. The lease term was set at 36 months, which is the envisaged duration of the construction work required.
Town Council decided that Unik may use the land for the exclusive purpose of establishing a construction site to store equipment and establish a workshop necessary for the execution of their project. Council furthermore determined that Unik shall be responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of the property.

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