Upcycling: Discarded bottles get a second lease on life

Sharlien Tjambari

Lucas Sioka sells glasses made from recycled bottles in Swakopmund central business district, opposite Woerman Brock supermarket. Sioka explains he used to make and sell his products in Windhoek, but about a year ago he started receiving calls from clients at the coastal towns. He decided to move to Swakopmund.

“The market here is good. I have a huge potential for clients in Swakopmund. The most important thing is: people don’t buy my products be-cause they love them, most of them say they will support me because I use recycled materials. This helps in keeping the town clean”.
According to Sioka, the only challenge he faced on a daily basis is the fact that the municipal officials chase him away from spots he wants to conduct business from. This is difficult because he ended up losing clients who sometimes promise to come back the next day. “I have now obtained a document from the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development in order to register my business. I hope to participate in upcoming expositions, Christmas markets and many more events coming up over the festive season”.

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