Usakos Council accused of corruption, nepotism and incompetence

Community members of Usakos are fed up with the “deliberate and open corruption, incompetence and favoritism” by public office bearers. About 30 residents calling themselves the “Usakos Rise Up Group” marched to the Usakos Town Council on Friday where they handed over a petition listing a total of 22 grievances.
Adelheid Kandjala, special advisor to the Governor, accepted the petition. The group gave a six-month ultimatum for the relevant authorities to respond to the questions and the issues raised in the document.
“The Usakos Town Council has failed the community since 2009. They have failed to provide simple basic services to the residents, providing a safe heaven for investors and to appoint qualified and experienced staff in each position at Town Council as per the requirement criteria of such positions,” the petition reads.
The residents claim that it “has become a norm for councillors to fight” and even threaten and control CEO’s “to dance to their music every time they want a tender to benefit their friends and family.” They also alleged that councillors ensure that only their close associates, children and relatives get access to erven.
“It is against this background that we demand the removal of all the councilors and those (office bearers) that were recruited in a corrupt way,” the petition reads; and: “We also want to show the public office bearers that the community is aware and fed up with their deliberate and open corruption, incompetence and favoritism.”
Amongst the many issues raised in the petition the group also levels serious allegations and demands that these are investigated. One such issue being that “Town Council’s vehicles are being used as taxis to transport family members to farms” and they are even “used to transport stolen goods.”
Furthermore the community wishes to see development in town and not new bars to open. In this regard the petition reads: “There are renovations to open another liquor outlet (bar) along the main road in town. The school is close to this place. We already have seven liquor outlets in Usakos. We do not need more bars in Usakos, we need development.”
The members of the group also allege that “90% of the town councils staff are not qualified and/or were not experienced when they were appointed.” They express their concern as these officials “have been appointed corruptly in exchange for gratification which is used by councilors and the CEO to promote corruption at the Town Council.”

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