Valedictory day at De Duine

Rudi Bowe 

De Duine Secondary School in Narraville held their Valedictory day last Friday, 29 October at the school.

The Dux learner of 2012, Bradwin Bock said, “it doesn’t matter where you come from. I know that you’ve had all the odds stacked against you, all the hardships you faced and went through, but yet here you are, you stepped up and Rose to the Occasion. It is a universal truth that every-one is gifted.
I am sure some of you are good at sports, singing, good at math, cooking, you name it but I am not even referring to being intellectual, athletic, or artistic. Nor am I talking about your talents. I am referring to is the gift of honesty, self-respect, love and family, and the gift of Selflessness (going out of your way for People). Some of you believe in righteousness, standing up for those around you and many more that intrinsic moral qualities.”
In the face of Adversity, “n Son Sak Nooit op Die Oorwinning Van n Leerling van De Duine Nie!”
“Bitter was jou Stryd, Maar kyk Hoe Soet Is jou Oorwinning!”
The principal of the school Mr J A van Wyk said that the 2021 school year was characterised as a year full of challenges of the emanated Covid-19.
Van Wyk said, “As grade 11’s you will face another big challenge, your final school examination, which will determine your future and will set the stage for further development and growth.”
“You need to keep on adjusting your sights during these last two months to make sure that you will hit the target and by doing so, walk away with good results” Van Wyk said.

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