Vandalised TB-clinic an attraction for crime

This yellow container (photo) at the old “New Start Centre Building” in Mondesa is not only home to vagrants and drug users, but has also now become a dumpsite, residents complained this week.

“The area is very unsafe at night, because the people who sleep there sometimes smoke cannabis in there,” said a member of the public who chose to remain anonymous. This person regularly spots homeless people lighting fires next to the container at night.
According to the source a body was found in the container about a year ago. The container was used as a Tuberculosis (TB) Clinic before the clinic moved into the New Start building. It is located on the same plot.
The clinic moved as the container was vandalized and it was unsuitable for long term use as it had no door or windows. The source says the TB Clinic is also vandalised from time to time. The building’s electricity is disconnected, although regularly visited by TB patients.
Pictures: In the middle of the rubbish and dirt somebody has a bed. This is messy, said a resident. Another picture: The building which now hosts a small office where TB patients go to take their medication under supervision

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