Vandalism and theft of communal water taps – DRC settlement runs dry

Vandalism and theft exacerbate the water crisis in the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC) at Swakopmund, leaving many with no choice but to walk long distances to fetch water.
A visit by namib times to the DRC informal community brought to light the frustrations experienced by many over access to drinking water.
Wilhemina Kolongongo, a resident in the area, shared her complaints with the namib times. “This communal tap near my house is not working any more. It has been a long time now. I have to walk far to get water”, she explained.
Other residents congregated around one of the water taps that still works. They too feel frustrated about long queues and the fact that only a few taps still work, necessitating people to walk long distances to fetch water. “Many of these pumps around here don’t work”, they explained.
Council maintains their commitment to servicing these taps when reports are presented. However, many units are damaged due to repeated vandalism and theft. Residents are implored not to tamper with the stand-pipes or remove the batteries as this equipment is costly.
By April this year, the batteries had been stolen out of 10 units and others damaged with one completely destroyed. Council is working on getting replacement parts for the non-functional units.

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