Vanderful/Seeds of Hope across Africa

Combining their passion for surfing and drama, Vikki Farrell and Francesco Gigli, whom both have been teaching at The Walvis Bay International school for the past two years, plan to do an epic journey up the west coast of Africa implementing workshops based on surfing and drama for school children as they go. They firmly believe that this is the perfect combination to open a whole new realm of learning to youngsters.

The workshops will highlight the benefits of drama for developing self-esteem, confidence and self-expression. Surfing is Francesco’s passion and he will share his love of surfing and to help establish surf tourism-focussed business opportunities, in the communities they visit. The destination and countries have been chosen for the quality of their waves and for the presence of unprivileged communities in the area. A unique part of his surfing workshop is that the kids will learn how to make their own wooden surfboards. This is to introduce kids to wood-working and to teach them the significance of using sustainable and environmentally friendly and natural resources.
They will travel in their 25-year-old refurbished (still under construction by Francesco) VW camper van to 14 countries along the west coast of Africa, eventually making their way to Europe.
Their project is called ‘Vanderful’ which is supported by the ‘Seeds of Hope’ volunteer organisation. “If after we leave, we have planted only one seed, perhaps by a teacher who was inspired to continue with a drama initiative, we will be happy!” says Vikki.
While they are preparing for their trip, Vikki and Francesco will be offering the same programme in Swakopmund for children from 10 to 18 years of age at the GreenHouse Study Centre. Please call 081 627 7692 should you wish to book a space.

Francesco Gigli, Vikki Farrell and their dog Bronzo will depart soon with 3 others and their cat Zuzu on this epic journey up the west coast of Africa teaching drama and surfing to school children as part of their “Seeds of Hope / Vanderful ” programme.

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