Vehicle crashes into biltong kiosk

A vehicle crashed through the biltong shop at the Walvis Bay Tourism Centre on the corner of 5th Road and Union Street early on Saturday morning. The driver of this Nissan Navara failed to stop at the two-way stop at the Centre and instead went straight on, over the pavement and slammed into the building. The vehicle went into the Biltong Shop and Kiosk and delivered total destruction.
The Union Street and 5th Road two-way junction is particularly dangerous. Motorists are prone to speeding down Union Street and the juncture already saw a fatal crash some years ago when two people were killed there in a side-impact collision. It is also not the first time a vehicle crashes into the building complex of the tourism centre.
Some months ago, the Walvis Bay municipal traffic department added a speed calming section to the street surface as you approach the two-way. However, drivers now simply pull over into the oncoming lane to prevent driving over the speed calming section or they pull off the road and drive next to the road. This now increases the risk of head-on collisions.
“I don’t think this will be the last accident here”, an onlooker said on Saturday. He urges the traffic department to intervene as a matter of urgency to make this two-way stop safer.

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