Vessel rams into tanker jetty

Floris Steenkamp

The fishing vessel Jonas, owned and operated by Tunacor, crashed into the tanker jetty in the port of Walvis Bay on Tuesday. Damage to the vessel is superficial, but the tanker jetty’s walkway was significantly damage.

Relief was expressed yesterday that no fuel pumping infrastructure was damaged, as this would have had a definite impact on the short term avail-ability of fuel supplies on the Namibian market. Namibia’s entire fuel demand is supplied by petroleum tanker ships making regular calls to the tanker jetty.
Until such time the bulk fuel terminal north of Walvis Bay is completed, the existing tanker jetty is Namibia’s only fuel lifeline. In the event the tanker jetty is knocked out of service, Namibia’s immediate fuel demands could become under pressure.
A local fuel industry expert added yesterday although such an incident could place fuel reserves under pressure, several contingency plans can be activated to bypass the existing tanker jetty to import bulk fuel. It would be costly though, he explained, and it would require smaller tanker vessels.

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