Veteran journalist Des Erasmus dies – The end of a media era

Floris Steenkamp

The end of an era in the Namibian media came at approximately 11:11 yesterday (Thursday 13 September), with the death at Swakopmund of Des Erasmus, one of the last survivors of the group of veterans journalists who built the Namibian media industry since the 1950’s. Erasmus was 83 and passed away after a brief period of extreme ill health.
On the pictures herewith: Des Erasmus with veterans the late Joseas Andreas “Angel” Engelbrecht (seated behind the typewriter) and the late Hannes Smith (right), in life of the Windhoek Observer. The founder of namib times, the late Paul Vincent, entered the profession in the same period and was a colleague of Erasmus, Engelbrecht and Smith (and various others) in Windhoek before he founded namib times on 5 December 1958 at Walvis Bay.
Des Erasmus is survived by his wife, seasoned journalist Annelie Erasmus

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