Vulnerable children visit the Swakopmund Aquarium

Sharlien Tjambari

Jo-Ann Lizanne Cloete, under the Namib Nature Delight, took twenty-seven orphans and vulnerable children on an outing to the Swakopmund Aquarium this past Saturday.

Children aged between 4-20 years from Tears of Hope and House of Bethanie Orphanage Homes joined Jo-Ann on a sand-boarding adventure and afterwards they visited the Aquarium. Jo-Ann said the children had a lot of fun and they enjoyed themselves. “If it was not for the sponsors of the day, none of this would have been possible. They really helped me a lot in putting a smile on the faces of those young angels”.
The children each received a hot-dog, cool drink, a bottle of water, a banana and three chocolates.
Jo-Ann started treating orphans, vulnerable children and senior citizens back in 2017. She realised how much they need love and affection. “The only thing that motivated me was the fact that there was so many people, elders and children begging on street corners in Swakopmund and I felt that if we all participate in giving, Namibia would be a better place. I then started with this project, taking them out for sweet treats and fun activities once a year”, said Jo-Ann.

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