Walvis Bay Golf Club Chairman’s Report 2018

The President, Joao Sardinha, Honorary Life Members, Committee Members, Members of the Walvis Bay Golf Club (WBGC), and visitors were welcome to the 101st ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Walvis Bay Golf Club by the Chairman.
The past year has been one with various challenges both in the club and on the course, but I believe we have overcome them with some aplomb. We have spent money on club improvements as well as some money on the course maintenance.
Staff matters
The club has functioned well over the past year and there has not been any turnover of staff, which is always a good sign that the staff is happy
Frieda was away on maternity leave and enjoyed it so much she decided to do it all over again this year; we wish her well for the rest of her term and birth of her baby.
The good functioning of the club has been as a result of the input of the manager, Gert Olivier, and thanks to him for his inputs where and whenever. As always, there are things that can be done better and systems improved, and all I can ask is for the members to please be proactive and get issues brought to the committee for attention. Bar talk mostly never resolves issues, and this we all know.
With reference to the bar ladies I can only ask from all members and demand from visitors that you all maintain decorum and behaviour of acceptable standards at all times. During the year I did have to ask all members to take a step back in respect of decorum and behaviour and I do believe there was an improvement, however, this should not be a one off thing it should be maintained at all times.
It is the least we can expect from our members. Our green keeping staff is all in a good space and Schalk has really grown in stature over the past year and this is indeed obvious on the greens and can also be seen in the general condition of the course.
The bar and greens staff all received a nominal increase earlier in the year.

Greens and course
As mentioned, Schalk has really done well over the past year and when we had the rain the whole team stood up and did a great job with limited resources to get the water drained and off the course as best they could.
Many thanks to Trevor for the loan of his pump during those days. Our trusted pair of engineers, Jason and Darryl was as always on hand to make sure that the things went according to [their] plans and we say thanks to them for their ongoing positive inputs. We bought a new mower for 116 000 and on the way here the truck turned over and the mower was damaged and as it is an imported unit we await for the delivery of the new one.
We also bought another petrol golf cart to be used on the course for the smaller maintenance jobs.
The general engine and machinery repairs have been well handled by Schalk this has also saved us a bob or two. Here we also need to acknowledge Wayne Hart for the ‘use’ of his workshop on occasions, many thanks Wayne.
Jason and his team constructed and built a water container on a trailer for using when we need to fertilize and spray for worms, ants, etc. This little blaster is a great asset and frees up a lot of time. Thanks Jason.
We increased the height of the fences at number 1 and 2 only to have the east wind blow them over. Thanks to Willie Brandweer for his inputs and efforts on the course, just another one of those jobs that just seem to happen.

Club matters
Last year I said and I quote, “We spent some more money on club house improvements”. And again, I can say the same, although most of the money that was spent this time was for the improvement to the garages.
That cost was about 110 000 of which the Festive Cup generated 43 000.
The inside of the club was also painted and the storeroom was renovated and improved, these two costs about 40 000. So as you can see we have spent a lot of money, but it was all to improve the club for the members.
There was some serious rain damage and the Municipality stood in for these repairs. The catering is still being outsourced and I think there are good comments about the quality of meals supplied each Saturday.
The Pro shop is functioning well iro collecting green fees, etc. Thanks to Gert and his staff.
Finally to those who made ongoing contributions to the club in whatever form, including Saturday com-petitions, fund raiser support and sponsorship, the Tsumeb challenge and in many other ways, you know who you are and we can only say a heart-felt thank you for your generosity.
The club lease has been renewed all be it for only five years. We have tried to keep the subs and bar price increases to a mini-mum. This is not always an easy task as the course takes a lot out of the tank and as members we expect [and some even demand] that our course is always in the best condition and this costs money. We do not take these decisions lightly, but sometimes there is just no alternative.
I am happy to advise that we have got the debtors well down from the previous year. Thanks to Michelle for this effort.
The moving of the pool table to ‘inside’ the bar area seems to be a hit.
Starting next month one of our members has offered to sponsor the upgrading of the lounge area, so watch this space.
Tonight we are also launching a club raffle for two return air tickets to Cape Town as first prize. There are two other prizes of 2 000 and 1 000. The cost of a ticket is 100 and if you buy or sell 10 tickets you will get one free. There are only 130 tickets to be sold and possibly 13 free tickets makes for a total of 143 in the draw.

The game
We have a few of our guys knocking on the door for National Colours and indeed have been selected to represent our country. Gert Olivier has main-tained his second place in the NAGU order of merit. His consistent golf saw him selected for the National team for the Zone 5 tournament in Zimbabwe.
Added to this Gert was awarded the Golf Coach of the year for 2017 by the NJGF. His efforts are visible for all to see in the junior results. A great honour and very well done Gert. Kevin Wentzel has moved into third place and was also selected for the National team that travelled to Zim for the Zone 5. Well done Kevin. After a long layoff, Stanley Gawaab has returned to the game, welcome back Stanley and he is in fourth place.
Grant Mather has returned to amateur status and by virtue of his good performances has seen him move into eighth place. Great stuff by the guys. It was not only the guys that have done well. Hard work and lots of practice has seen Wilma van der Merwe selected for the NLGU team to travel to Ghana later in the year, and well done to her for this fine effort, in real trying conditions competing week after week in a predominantly men’s field.

Willie Els was chosen to represent Namibia at the British u/16 Junior Champion-ships in
Scotland May of this year. 154 juniors from across the world took part and he finished 110th. 2 months after his return Willie won the Swakopmund Junior Open in August. His current NJGF order of merit raking u/18 is Nr.3.
Jonathan Mather’s current NJGF order of merit raking is Nr. 4. He won A-Division Best Gross in the Swakopmund Junior Open in August.
Emile Vilbert (Jnr), 9 years of age, competed in the 36 hole medal division of the Swakopmund Open and won the B-Division Best Gross.
Bertie Coetzee won C-Division Best Gross in the Swakopmund Open, 2nd was Theunis Alberts, who lost the play off on first playoff hole against Bertie. Tied 3rd in the C-Division was Lazlo Tangeni (one of our Development players), on 30 points.
Again, this is a copy paste of the last two of my reports. There is not too much that I can add to these comments. We are indeed spoilt by having the number and size of sponsorships that we have for our weekend round of golf.
Prize value varies between N$2 000 and N$10 000, which is just phenomenal and we can only thank and acknowledge these sponsors. I can ask that all members remember these sponsors and support them whenever possible.
I must, however, add that three years ago, it was decided by the committee that Saturday golf competition would only be in a format that scores can be recorded. Recently this caused too much of an issue.
The sponsor is more than welcome to come up with a format and as long as it fits these criteria then we will gladly play it. Any other Mickey Mouse formats will not be allowed unless the committee decides otherwise; after all it is they that do the day to day running of the club. If any members would like to provide any positive input in this matter or any other club matter, then please discuss with either the Club Captain or even the Chairman. Phoning the sponsor and interfering is way out of line and will not be tolerated. But I think enough has been said on this topic.

Social and corporate golf
We have continued to encourage ‘cheaper’ golf and in an effort to encourage play on Friday afternoons and Sunday for the whole day, we decided to keep the green fees half price for both nine and 18 holes. I am sure as summer approaches, many more players will avail them to this offer.
The RACE TO CAPE TOWN sponsored by TRAVEL MAGIC is now in its 6th year and the leader board is hotting up for the two air tickets. The rules were revised – thanks Wouter, and the leader board info are sent out regularly.
The PISCS MONTH-LY MEDAL was also revamped and AIR NAMIBIA [need to confirm] came on board to sponsor additional prized for the overall winner thanks to JJ and his team for this ongoing sponsorship.
Our membership draw seems to be working and although we have taken a few knocks I believe we are achieving what we set out to, and that was to get subs paid earlier and then secondary to get members to visit the club albeit for an hour on a Friday. Just on the subs bandwagon, all members are again reminded that subs need to be fully paid by the end of September. We have already got over 120 members that have fully or partly paid, which is a great deal better than last year this time.
We have continued with the idea of having a max of one corporate day per month, and from all reports most of these have been well supported and we hope those who needed to generate funds did indeed do so. Times are tough at the moment and thanks to the members who continually support these fund raisers.

And finally to my committee over the past year, many thanks for your unselfish and unrewarded time, effort and money that you have put in during the year. Most of the time things are done behind the scenes and the members are not even aware of them, they just seem to happen. This is not the case there are members that get these things done.
It has been my pleasure to work with each and every one of you and please accept my sincere appreciation for your contribution no matter how big or how small. Tonight two committee members are standing down after two years of dedicated service.
Sadly the engineers, Jason and Darryl, have decided to call it a day. I am not sure what we are going to talk about in my office at 6h45 in the morning. These meetings will be sorely missed.Lu-Andre has left for greener pastures in Windhoek and we wish him all the success there and his presence will also be missed at the club and on the course.
I know that you will leave a hole on the committee, but I am sure that the replacements elected tonight will fill your shoes with enthusiasm and dedication. I also believe that should we need to push on your buttons you will give us the necessary support. I am available for reelection.
The committee for the next year is as follows
John Sardinha
Herman Smidt
Vice Captian
Andre Burger
Shane Westerdale
Kurt Brits
Carlos de Gouveia
Christo Muller
Emile Vilbert
Jonas Niilenge
Willie van Zyl [Brandweer]
Wilma van der Merwe
Michelle Wilson
We welcome the new member Carlos de Gouveia, Christo Muller and Emile Vilbert onto the committee.

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