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Walvis Bay Golf Club member Tienie de Wet was the winner of the National Sages held in Windhoek over the past weekend.
It is not sure when last a member of the Walvis Bay Golf Club won the National Sages. “Mooi gedaan Tienie, ons is trots”.
Last weekend we held the always popular WBM Flags were held last weekend with the good weather and great fun that went hand in hand on the day with all eyes on the course to see where the first flag was going to be planted.
Once we all saw it was done, there was a communal sigh of relief not having to be the first. So it was appropriate that the first flag planted won the Neil Armstrong first flag award – this was proudly received by Karl Beukes.
The point of this competition is to carry you flag to the furthest point on the green based of the course and rating your handicap. Golf on the day was good as most of the 39 players (excluding one of the sponsors) were able to carry their flag over Mavis Panton drive. However it was Pieter Fox who play-ed good golf to take his flag the furthest on the course to win the first prize.
Second place went to Francois Champion Junior with third going to Bertie Coetzee. 4th spot went to Wynand Breytenbach and Estelle Both-ma claimed the 5th place prize. One of the prize winners was not present so that prize went to a lucky draw which was won by none more deserving than Shane Westerdale with a good score of 74 for the day. There was only one two club for the day, Anton van Rensburg.
Wouter van Wijk handed out the prizes and to thunderous applause announced that they would be back next year.
We are really in the mix as far as Golf in the country is concerned with our juniors doing very well and we do have a few of our members in the National team, both men and ladies.

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