Walvis Bay has three vaccination points

Rudi Bowe

A Covid-19 vaccinations centre was established at the Evangelical Lutheran Church Hall in Narraville in Walvis Bay on Tuesday.

The pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Narraville, Pastor Mark Beukes, was the driving force behind this vaccinations centre. He said it was important to roll actions out into the community, leading to the decision to make the church premises available as a vaccination centre.
“The church saw a need to reach out to the community and thus made the church hall available to assist Government with the vaccination campaign in the Region. We brought this vaccination centre right to the doorstep of our community”, said pastor Beukes.
Adding: “It is indeed good news and a wonderful day for the people of Walvis Bay, as about 45 persons were vaccinated on the first day”.
At the time of going to press yesterday afternoon approximately one hundred people were vaccinated at this new centre.
Pastor Beukes himself has already received his vaccine against Covid-19.
“I feel good, I feel protected. I also experience a great deal of calm.
I do not come to persuade anyone, but rather to encourage. Please consider this and come in large numbers. The goal is to vaccinate the Region’s people to reach herd immunity.
What a pleasant feeling would it be for our church if we could contribute to the success of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 pandemic”, said Pastor Beukes.
Pastor Beukes could not say for how long the vaccination centre will be in existence, as this is determined by the Ministry of Health and Social Services.
“I call upon the community to make use of the opportunity to receive their Covid-19 vaccines. It is the right thing to do, and together we will beat this pandemic and return our lives to normal”, he concluded.
Note: only the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine is currently available, as Government is yet to roll out the next batch of AstraZeneca. Many Namibians have only received their first dose of AstraZeneca up to now, running several weeks overdue for the second shot.
Covid-19 vaccines are administered at this point from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 16:00 at the Evangelical Lutheran Church Hall in Narraville, the Kuisebmond Health Centre (Haart Clinic) and at the Walvis Bay MediPark (next to Pathcare).

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