Walvis Bay is the “twin-capital”

Three sets of twins born in one week another to be born this week

Eileen van der Schyff

Three sets of twins were born in Walvis Bay last week. What makes it so much more exciting is the fact that another mother is also expecting the birth of her twins this week.

The sets of twins were all born at the Walvis Bay state hospital. One mother gave birth to twin boys and the other two mothers each had a boy and a girl.
Doctor Jose Gomez, the gynaecologist of the Walvis Bay state hospital, contacted the Namib Times on Friday to share this very unusual news.
“I do the pre-birth sonars and found another mother will be giving birth to twins next week [this week]. I think it must be something in the water”, he said jokingly.
Selma Ashipala was the first of the three mothers to give birth to her two boys on Tuesday 24 September. The twins were delivered by caesarean section. The two new-born babies weighed 3.1 kg and 2.9 kg respectively.
Jesmine Memjono (26) and Gabriela Ndamououghenda (36) were next in line and gave birth to their bundles of joy on the same day, Thursday 26 September.
Memjono’s little baby boy and girl were breech babies [born feet first], however she managed to bring them into this life by natural delivery. Memjono’s baby girl weighed 1.1 kg and her baby boy weighed 1.3kg.
Ndamououghenda gave birth to a baby girl weighing 2.2 kg and a boy weighing 3 kg.
Namib Times reported 11 twins born at the Walvis Bay state hospital in 2018 and it ended the year with the birth of triplets.
For anyone wishing to give some assistance to these mothers please contact them at: Selma Ashipala 081 395 6638; Gabriella Ndamaououghenda 081 391 9608 and Jesmine Memjono 081 553 7716.

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