Walvis Bay Mayor gives recognition to Wilna Liebenberg at Cgals and friends’ concert

The Cgals Chamber Choir of Namibia, had their Cgals and friends’ concert in celebration of the achievements of Wilna Liebenberg and the Cgals Chamber Choir on Friday, 26 November at the NG Kerk Moedergemeente, Walvis Bay.

The Municipality of Walvis Bay, through the Office of the Mayor gave recognition to Liebenberg and the Cgals Chamber Choir. In his speech, the Walvis Bay Mayor, Cllr Trevino Forbes said, “this is my distinct honor to present declaration, recognition and appreciation towards Miss Wilna Liebenberg and the Cgals Chamber Choir. Be sure that we are very proud of you.”

Wilna Liebenberg was born in Namibia and spent her childhood in Namibia. After completing her studies, she returned to Namibia and has poured her entire career into imparting her knowledge of music. All the while ensuring that her own qualifications are constantly updated through participation in examinations and competitions. She has ensured that the Namibian nation benefits from her efforts not only by imparting knowledge, but also by taking her choir to the international stage and ensuring that the Namibian nation is well represented in international competition. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she not only continued running the Cambridge Music Department of the International School of Walvis Bay, but also received qualifications in online teaching to ensure that all her students, all Namibians and in fact the rest of the world had access to online music teaching. She created her own YouTube channel with IGCSE music lessons which everyone can have access to. https://youtu.be /c_TQS7u6mVI.

Some highlights of Miss Liebenberg’s achievements include:
1986 Won the Niki Antoniades prize for singing (Stellenbosch University)
1986 Won the Jan Marais prize for music course in Italy (Stellenbosch University)
1989 Acquired her B.Mus (Ed.) Stellenbosch University
1990 – 1994 Soloist with Cantare Audire Choir at international performances amongst others also singing solo in the Mormon Tabernacle Cairo Opera House and all over Europe.
1993 B.Mus Honours degree at UNISA in Musicology
1994 UNISA Teaching Licentiate in Music, specializing in Singing, with distinction
1994: UNISA finalist for overseas bursary competition
2006 Royal Schools of Music London: Licentiate Singing with distinction
2009 Trinity College of London: Licentiate Diploma in instrumental/vocal teaching with distinction 2012 University of Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Ms Liebenberg is a registered 3examiner for Cambridge Music examinations.
2014 UNISA accredited teacher for Grade Music Examinations: Practical Music Pr3e-grade 1-8, Music Theory Pre-Grade 1 – 8
2011 to 2021 University of South Africa (UNISA): Acknowledgement Award for Outstanding Teaching in Theory of Music. This award has been awarded to Ms Liebenberg every year for the excellent results of her students in Music Theory Examinations.
Ms Liebenberg’s Students achievements
Ms Liebenberg’s music students have achieved top international awards and distinctions:
Bianca Nel achieved South African Nelie du Toit prize, the highest award of UNISA for singing, as a young primary school student of Ms Liebenberg.
Cantire Audire:
Member of choir and participated in World Choir Gamis in America
National Youth Choir
Conductor of the Namibian Youth Choir at the age of 23 and winning the ATKV competition in South Africa
2019 Royal Schools of Music: Intermediate Choral with distinction
2019 UNISA Advanced Choir Examination, Cgals Chamber Choir with distinction
2021 UNISA Advanced Choral Examination: Distinction (90%)
-World Choir Games Virtual Competion:
Won the Popular section as “Excellent Choir”. INTER-NATIONAL CATEGORY WINNERS
Wilna Liebenberg’s arrangements and transcriptions of Namibian Folk Songs are also performed all over the world.

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