Walvis Bay municipality urged to end “residencies” at dump site

Residents of Walvis Bay were left furious on Saturday by this thick, black and smelly column of smoke that covered large swaths of the town’s southern parts (pictured).

The smoke was caused by a fire at the tire pit at the Walvis Bay dump site. People residing at the waste disposal site accidentally set the tire alight.
“This is becoming unacceptable. People are not allowed to reside at the waste disposal site. Recently we had a fire raging deep below the surface of the waste disposal site, with smelly smoke covering the entire town for several days on end.
The fire at the tire pit should be the last”, angry residents told the Namib Times.
Adding there is a by-law in place that only allows people on the waste disposal site between sunrise and sunset of every day.
“Why don’t the municipality of Walvis Bay and the Namibian Police set feet down on the matter. Any person caught at the waste disposal site after sunset and before sunrise is technically committing an offense of trespassing. The should be arrested and charged”, said one resident who was heavily inconvenienced by both fires in recent weeks.
Concluded this resident: “We have laws, regulations and by-laws, but if we don’t enforce it, it leads to incidents such. Not only does it pose a danger to the people residing at the dump site, but it is a public health hazard”.

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