Walvis Bay Port Users Association – the voice of an industry

Walvis Bay Corridor Group

Established in 1994, with the idea to create a unified body to encourage and facilitate trade through the port, the Walvis Bay Port Users Association (WBPUA) has since become one of the major associations in logistics and supply chain.

WBPUA forms the operational part of WBCG as it represents all entities associated with cargo, freight and shipping activities in the Port of Walvis Bay. The Association en-compasses the majority of companies who are involved in stevedoring, clearing and forwarding, road transportation, bulk handling, cold storage, ship’s agency and export industries.
The Association Chairperson, Pilar Veiga, stresses that WBPUA takes their role as the voice of the industry very seriously. “Through conveying all industry concerns to Government, the Port, the Walvis Bay Corridor Group and other relevant SOEs, we are convinced that WBPUA is raising the standards of the industry. It further ensures fairness, by protecting the smaller companies from being victimised as the WBPUA acts on behalf of its members”, Veiga explains.
The Association represents the members in negotiations with the Port Authority, Government and Private Sector bodies to ensure that the rights of members are maintained and enhanced. Members meet regularly to dis-cuss matters of mutual interest and determine the industry response to certain concerns.
A benefit of the WBPUA is the accumulated wealth of knowledge and experience to facilitate trade on the corridors. Veiga states that through working together to improve the competitiveness of the Walvis Bay port, the Association is contributing to improved efficiencies on the route. “We deal with and influence vessel turnaround times, cargo release efficiency, labour capacity, safety and security, technical expertise, immigration and customs.”
The Association recently welcomed the Confederation of the Namibian Fishing Associations to the team, “We now also re-present the fishing in-dustry, which has in-creased the percentage of users we now represent. This gives us a stronger voice,” explains the Association’s Chairperson.
For more information on how to become a member of the Walvis Bay Port Users Association, contact dolphin@afol.com.na

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