Walvis Bay resident saves children from burning flat

A Walvis Bay woman has been hailed for her quick reaction on Sunday morning to rescue three young children from a burning flat in the harbour town’s Sam Nujoma Avenue.
Tania van Rensburg-Pearson explained to Namib Times yesterday she woke around 04:00 smelling smoke. She also heard people coughing profusely in the flat next door.
Realising immediately that there is trouble, Van Rensburg-Pearson ran to the neighbouring flat and saw thick smoke billowing from the open front door and from all the windows. A teenager who stood at the door said there was a fire inside and that three children aged between four and six were still inside.
Van Rensburg-Pearson stormed into the flat and could hardly breathe. She saw flames that engulfed the kitchen. Within moments she reached the children and brought them to safety.
It transpired afterwards the fifteen year old was there to look after the three young children. He placed a pot of oil on the stove to heat, but forgot about it and everyone went to sleep. At around 04:00 he was woken when the pot of oil caught fire on the stove. He threw water on the burning pot and that resulted in an explosion that engulfed the kitchen in smoke.
Apart from suffering from mild smoke inhalation, the children are unharmed. Damage to the flat is substantial (picture here under).

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