Walvis Bay residents remain defiant against anti-dumping by-laws

A resident of Walvis Bay, who nearly crashed his vehicle into a waste skip (not the waste skip depicted above), called upon the traffic department this week to step up their actions to bring those to the book who create traffic hazards due to ignorance and negligence.

I have made a point of it now to identify traffic hazards, as I know it is sheer grace that we don’t see more accidents caused by the countless traffic hazards blanketing Walvis Bay”, he explained.
In many areas construction equipment like large mixers, storage containers, piles of bricks, building sand and gravel are blocking parts of streets. In other parts of the town waste skips don’t have reflective surfaces to increase visibility at night.
This resident also identified several points where manholes or utility wells have no covers, making it dangerous for vehicles driving over it or on the pavements for pedestrians. He did thank the municipality for at last fitting a cover on a service opening on the intersection of 5th Road and Fritz Lange Street.

A large number of Walvis Bay residents continue to ignore warnings against dumping building rubble, garden waste and even household trash on open premises. These two pictures show rubbish piles growing by the day in Sam Nujoma Avenue in the central business district (picture) and Nangolo Mbumba Drive (picture).
Residents are once more urged to refrain from dumping. Not only is it illegal, it is also arrogant, selfish and unpatriotic.

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