Walvis Bay Spar Media Statement

In recent days various comments have been posted on social media which have portrayed Walvis Bay Super- spar as having terminated the services of the car guards who have been operating from the parking area in front of Walvis Bay Superspar and as being unsympathetic to the plight of such car guards.

From the outset we as management of Walvis Bay Superspar wish to stress that the car guards operating at our parking lot situated on our private property and reserved for our customers only, have never been employed by us but have been allowed by us to operate from within our parking lot as it provided the car guards with the opportunity to earn an income while rendering a service beneficial to our customers.

As far as we are aware car guards are registered at the Municipality of Walvis Bay who provide them with municipal reflector jackets and ID cards but they are for all other intents and purposes self-employed.

As is the case with many other local businesses we have in recent times been exposed to ever increasing incidents of criminals targeting our customers while shopping at our premises and have also been receiving complaints from customers that they are being harassed by vagrants who frequent our parking area to beg from our customers.

The car guards operating within our parking lot cannot be expected to resolve these concerns and complaints for us as they are simply not equipped therefor and we are also not in a position to make any demands from them as they are not employed by us.

As management of Walvis Bay Superspar we are responsible to ensure that our customers’ concerns and complaints are addressed and we have therefore been necessitated to appoint a private security firm which is answerable to us to provide improved security to our customers in and outside our premises and at our costs.

For the car guards to continue with attempting to earn their income from providing their services at Walvis Bay Superspar’s parking lot where security guards will henceforth be stationed will simply no longer be viable for the car guards or be in the best interest of our customers.

We are however not unsympathetic to the plight of the car guards and have therefore liaised with the official responsible for the car guards at the traffic department of the Walvis Bay Municipality and in order to alleviate any potential hardship which may occur have also offered all four car guards who were stationed at our lot, irrespective of their ages, employment at Walvis Bay Superspar in positions unrelated to security.

To date only one of such car guards has taken us up on such offer and assumed employment at Walvis Bay Superspar.

We trust that this statement will serve to clear up any misconceptions regarding the facts of this matter, which may have been created by inaccurate postings or commentaries exchanged on social media regarding this issue.

We thank all our customers for the loyal support and apologize for any uncertainty caused.

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