Walvis Bay STEM Fair for girls made headlines once again

The Walvis Bay Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Fair for Girls has made headlines as seventeen of their learners was part of hundreds of learners from across Southern Africa, who took part in the South Africa Youth Engineering and Science Symposium(SAYESS) from 5 -7 December at the University of Pretoria’s High Performance Centre in Pretoria.

It was the first time in their 6 months of existence, that Walvis Bay STEM Fair has sent learners to an event of this magnitude.
The 14 girls and 3 boys who participated in SAYESS are learners from Flamingo Primary School, Flamingo Secondary School and de Duine Secondary School.
The founder of the STEM fair, Anastacia de Klerk said “I would never have imagined that this project would be such a huge success. The learners went on field-trips to the University of Pretoria’s Science Centre, the chemistry centre to make their own ice cream, the zoology faculty to research different animals and to touch spiders. They also visited the mining faculty to go on a 3D tour and had lectures each night which included a scientist who worked on Marion Island, an astronaut from NASA and the chemistry Nobel prize winner, Sir James Fraser Stoddart. Some of the learners even got a chance to see how money is made at South Africa Mint”.
Anastacia added that six of the learners were interviewed for Teenagers on a Mission (TOMZ), which is a YOUTUBE show, and that the SABC studios in Johannes-burg invited Selma Kalimbo and Raina Samuel for a T.V. interview about their projects early next year.
Sherrylin Auchas a Grade 6 learner said “This trip was definitely the best because I have learnt so much in the short time and winning the bronze award motivated me more to continually compete in science fair and this taught me a lot about my fellow students and teachers and it was a great experience”.
Selma Kalimbo a Grade 9 learner said “It was very interesting, I learned a lot seen so much and it was an amazing experience to participate in. I am very thankful for this great opportunity. I hope to participate again”.
Josephina Mbago a grade 7 said “The trip was amasing I really enjoyed it and it taught me a lot of things I am grateful to everyone who made this trip suc-cessful for us and for ms Dee I actually never knew I would be out of the country at such a young age but be-cause of u I got the chance I appreciate u very much and I met new people and saw amasing places”.
Helena Nauyoma a grade 6 said “For me the trip was really great and I had loads of fun and I got to know new people, see beautiful places and we worked together in harmony and the best thing is that everyone did their best and actually got something out of their hard work and I am looking forward for the future and thank u Ms Dee for everything and I hope whatever u do in life will be successful”.
Omagano Muzanima a grade 7 said “This trip was absolutely amazing. We learned things that we never even thought existed and learned to challenge ourselves.
I personally really loved this educative trip I look forward to more of them”.
Eric- Lesley Swartz a grade 5 learner said “My experience of the trip to Pretoria was informative. I gained a lot of experience to participate in the science competition especially the topic about insects and the experiment whereby we made ice cream out of liquid Nitrogen. To compete in this science in particular from another angle”.
“It was a great honor and privilege to part takes in the competition. I can’t thank God enough for making the trip and competition possible. Ms De Klerk thanks for believing in me by granting me the opportunity. I have learned and gained a lot of experience. If given the opportunity again I will for sure do better” Eric- Lesley added.
Anastacia said that the Walvis Bay STEM Fair for Girls is planning STEM activities across the country which includes the National Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fair for girls as well as trips to South Africa, Dubai and the USA.
In March, 20 learners will participate in a Science Festival in Grahamstown South Africa. A STEM Camp for girls is also scheduled during the April/ May holiday and in August they plan to have a science tour to South Africa. In December next year it will be time for SAYESS and they are planning to take 20 learners to participate.
Anastacia said “We urge the public to support these types of projects as we are trying to expose the children to various opportunities.
We’ve already been approached by people who want to sponsor our children with scholar-ships to study science. We’re doing it for the children.
“I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards everyone who sup-ported us this year especially Deb-marine Namibia, The Woman in Mining Association Namibia (WI-MAN), Zenzi Awases who believed in the Walvis Bay STEM Fair from the get go and Mr Eugene Gariseb from Seaside Transport as well as various members from the public who contributed towards the costs and a big thank you to all the amazing kids, their pa-rents, teachers and mentors.
We are extremely grateful to them” she added. Anyone who is interested in sending their child on these trips or who wishes to sponsor any of their endeavors can send an email to wbstem. fair@gmail.com for more information.
The results are:
Silver medals
Helena Nauyoma
Priscilla Shongola

Bronze medals
Memory Haidula
Sherrylin Auchas
Mary Vries
Linda Shimbilinga
Igancia Hamutenya
Omagano Muza-nima
Fenny Shongola
Rongeree Kam-batuka
Selma Kalimbo

Merit awards
Eric – Lesley Swartz
Theopolina Shi-fundo
Josephine Mbago
Andreas Gabriel
Festus Shinyemba
Raina Samuel

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