Walvis Bay the preferred trade route for Zambia

With about 14 million inhabitants, Zambia was named one of the world’s fastest economically reformed countries offering countless commercial opportunities. Zambia emanates extensive trade prospects to both domestic and international markets.

With export categories covering copper, ash, vase metals, tobacco, sugar, wheat, soybean and maize, this country is continuously establishing itself into a fiscal centre waiting to be tapped into. Zambia further imports boilers, machinery and electrical and electronic equipment amongst other commodities and is currently focused on expanding the number of new entrants into the import and export sphere and broadening market opportunities for existing suppliers.
Recently, the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG), with the support of the Finnish Embassy, hosted a Beyond Border Information Session in Zambia. At this session, held on 7 July 2016, Chairman of the WBCG Board and Chief Executive Officer of Namport, Mr Bisey Uirab outlined the importance of the Zambian Market using Walvis Bay as an alternative trade route. “The Port is linked to Zambia via the Walvis Bay-Ndola-Lumbubashi Development Corridor and offers handling of cargo with minimum delays. The benefits of using Walvis Bay are highlighted in terms of transit time, good safety and security and reliability.”
As a land-locked country, Zambia has various options in terms of trading with the international world and has to be very selective with their trade routes. However, the duration of cargo between Zambia and Namibia is a total of 3 to 4 days, and therefore offers the country a new definition; being Land-Lucky. Though at least 5 different seaport options are used, the Port of Walvis Bay is increasingly becoming the preferred trade route amongst traders, importers, exporters and other logistic service providers due to the various competitive advantages if offers.
Delivering the Keynote Address was one of Zambia’s icons, Zambian businessman and Capital Fisheries Chairman, Mr. Chance Kabaghe. He offered his countrymen a testimony, “If you are not currently using the Port of Walvis Bay, then start doing so soon.” Capital Fisheries, who is a one-stop wholesaler for all types of fish and sea food, have been using the Port of Walvis Bay for a little over a decade. “We have come to know the Port of Walvis Bay as an efficient service provider: one who is time critical, cost effective and offers a personalized service.”

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