Walvis Bay to get second floating dock operator

Studies are currently underway to test the viability of establishing a second floating dock operator in Walvis Bay. The floating dock will not only focus on vessel repairs in the local fishing industry, but also attract the wider marine ship repair markets of West Africa, sources very close to the project explained.
The project was initiated by Tunacor Properties Ltd in a joint venture with local businessman Mr Anton Pretorius, who pioneered the floating dock industry of Walvis Bay nearly a decade ago.
Geo Pollution Technologies has been instructed to carry out an environmental impact assessment of the intended project.
Apart from the floating dock, the project will also include two new 120m long concrete jetties and an existing concrete jetty that will be extended to 120m.
Tunacor Properties earmarked two of its seafront erven in the fishing harbour of Walvis Bay for the project (plots 3686 and 3687). Two existing wooden jetties will be dismantled to make way for the new concrete jetties and the floating dock, according to details recently made public.
Geo Pollution Technologies in the meantime, invited the public to register as interested and/or affected parties on its website www.thenamib.com as a number of public consultation meetings are scheduled for the foreseeable future. The deadline for registrations are 19 May.
The project would also include significant dredging operations in the area to provide adequate access for the floating dock and vessels that has to be lifted out of the water by the dock for dry repairs and maintenance.

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