Walvis Bay town Councillor Stanley Bikeur dies of Covid-19

Delays Council’s discussion of “housing forensic report”

The Walvis Bay Town Council rescheduled a meeting to next Wednesday to discuss the audit report on possible housing irregularities, following the death of Landless People Movement Councillor, Stanley Bikeur on 4 August of Covid-19.

Councillors decided to isolate for fourteen days, after being in contact with Councillor Bikeur before he fell ill of Covid-19 and died.
Namib Times learnt from sources privy to the audit report that a final report has been received from auditing firm PWC, and that this 200-page report will be studied by Council and recommendations for action then be decided upon.
Several municipal managers, including the CEO Mr Muronga Haingura, remains suspended after alleged irregularities were pointed out late in 2020 and prompted a forensic audit.
The report, it was added, was not shown to any municipal official yet, and Councillors wish to keep the document “among themselves” until it was studied.

It is expected this audit report will highlight irregularities, could be the foundation to change certain administrative systems to prevent these irregularities from being repeated, and it will also determine the fate of the suspended municipal officials.

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