Walvis Bay’ite in charge of Fisheries

Several stakeholders in the fishing expressed cautious optimism over the appointment on Wednesday of former mayor of Walvis Bay, Derek Klazen (picture herewith), as Namibia’s new fisheries minister.

Minister Klazen’sappointment is a subject of much pride for Walvis Bay residents.

Those stakeholders consulted said Klazen hails from Walvis Bay, and as former mayor and resident of the town would understand local challenges better than predecessors.

President Hage Gein-gob on Wednesday an-nounced a reshuffle of Ministers and Deputy Ministers. The Head of State is empowered to do so by virtue of Ar-ticle 32 (3)(i)(dd) of the Namibian Constitution.

Dr Albert Kawana, who served as Fisheries Minister prior to the announcement, was appointed the Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security.

Dr Kawana was first appointed the Acting Fisheries Minister shortly after the Fishrot scandal led to the resignation of then fisheries minister Bernhardt Esau. He was appoint-ed Minister on 21 March 2020.

Other appointments made by Dr Geingob:

* Frans Kapofi was appointed the Minister of Defense with the task to continue institutional reforms of the Ministry of Defense (in particular August 26 Holdings) and the smooth reintegration of the Department of Veteran Affairs into the Defense Ministry.

Several Deputy Ministers were appointed:

*Veno Kauaria was appointed the Deputy Minister of High Education, Training and Innovation.

*Natalia /Goagoses was appointed the Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development in the place of Derek Klazen.

*Heather Sibungo was appointed the Deputy Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism.

*Maureen Hinda-Mbuende was appointed the Deputy Minister of Finance.

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