Walvis Bay’s waste landfill to become electricity source

The municipality of Walvis Bay is studying the viability of a power plant that can generate electricity from urban waste. Technology advances in recent years have made it possible now to almost utilise to full extent all waste dumped on landfills to be incinerated and generating electricity in the process.
The municipal council in principle approved of the project at its most recent ordinary council meeting and tasked five municipal officials under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer Mr Muronga Haingura to spear-head the process of establishing the plant at Walvis Bay over the medium term.
The task team also has a number of external members, two from Erongo RED and a consultant from an organisation by the name of African Expert Federation. The company which seeks to tie up with the municipality of Walvis Bay in a public-private partnership (ppp) for the project is Modern Construction Tech under the leadership of a certain Mr Alexcender Kureskkin.
Although the project is aimed at the medium term [up to five years] it was understood yesterday the first phase of the project would entail the massing of baled waste at the Walvis Bay dump site in order to build a reserve of baled waste for the incineration process for the power plant. Once the plant is in operation it would be possible to stay ahead with significant volumes to enable the plant to operate with consistency.
Energy Generation from Urban Waste (EGUW) is a new way of looking at solid waste management in cities globally and is expected to bring about a fundamental change in the recycling value chain. It will also allow towns and cities to reduce the size and composition of landfill sites, which is regarded as a major contributor to global warming, as decomposing waste produces large quantities of methane gas.

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