Warning on ZERO TOLERANCE on roads this weekend

A zero tolerance policy will be implemented by traffic officials over the weekend whilst patrolling and making use of roadblocks, with a specific eye on drunk drivers, speeding, drivers talking on cellphones and drivers not wearing seatbelts.

Extensive operation plans have been put together by national and regional traffic departments in anticipation of the expected traffic influx at the coast, due to Heroes Day celebrations and the Henties Bay Fish Festival, in an attempt to keep motorists safe and the roads accident free. An extra 10 traffic officials and their vehicles from different regions have been supplemented to the coast to assist in these plans. Roadblocks will be set up and patrolling will be done in and around town; focus will also be put on the main road leading to the coastal towns. Visitors and local motorists are strongly advised by senior traffic officials to drive with caution, as no leniency will be awarded to anyone found disregarding traffic rules and regulations. “We are focusing on drunk driving and speeding especially, as well as reckless driving and unroadworthy vehicles. Drivers caught breaking any of many traffic laws should be ready to feel the long arm of the law”, commented Chiel Inspector Daniel Lange, Erongo Regional Commanding Officer of Nampol Traffic Unit.
Walvis Bay’s Municipal Traffic Chief, Eben Platt, asks drivers from other regions travelling to the coast to be patient on the roads and for heavy vehicles to make use of the road behind the dunes. “We want the public to take note that we are going to be very strict, this is for their own safety; we DO NOT want any fatalities and if drivers adhere to the rules of the road we hopefully will not have any. We are expecting a lot of visitors at the coast, with Heroes Day being commemorated here and the Fish Festival being held in Henties Bay. The roads will be congested and we are very much aware of how impatient drivers become when they are in a hurry, but we don’t want anyone taking chances – it is too dangerous,” Platt added.
A warning is also put out to those travelling and leaving their homes, to have their houses locked up and preferably have someone trustworthy keep an eye on the property.

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