Waste skips – traffic department must be notified beforehand

Floris Steenkamp

A vehicle that slammed into a waste skip in Walvis Bay’s 1st Street North on Thursday night prompted the Walvis Bay municipal traffic department to revisit the original arrangement that no waste skip may be placed by any service provider without the traffic authority first inspecting and approving such placement.

Walvis Bay’s municipal traffic chief Eben Platt confirmed this yesterday. Adding, two incidents in so many days in which vehicles slammed into waste skips in Meersig’s 1st Street North were not the fault of skip service providers but rather driver errors.
“It is important that any person placing a waste skip or planning to place a waste skip first get in contact with municipal traffic. In this way we can ensure that skips are placed on a safe spot and at all cost prevent accidents where vehicles collide into these hard structures”, explained Platt. In addition, waste skips need to have reflective strips attached to it to enhance visibility at night.
Waste skips form an integral part of Walvis Bay’s daily waste management. Despite the fact that it could lead to slower waste skip deliveries and turnovers, Platt reiterated the importance for service providers to provide their cooperation and arrange skip placements beforehand with the traffic authority.

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