Water situation at Uis now “dangerously serious

The Dâures Constituency in the Erongo Region is severely hit by the current drought, especially the settlement Uis. “The water situation at the Uis settlement is very dire, very unacceptable and dangerously serious,” said John Mutorwa, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, during a press conference in Swakopmund on Friday.

For about six months the residents of Uis have next to no water. Water from taps is only available for a few hours every day.
“NamWater is currently supplying the Uis settlement with water (from) one water tanker, which is totally inadequate and insufficient,” said Mutorwa at the media briefing on Friday.
The reason for the crisis the settlement is facing is not a question of supply, but due to the boreholes which have drastically and significantly reduced.
“Some of the boreholes have virtually dried up,” the minister said.
To mitigate the situation NamWater has in September this year commenced with the process of drilling more boreholes further upstream from the Nei Neis aquifer. “We think that if we drill there, we will get water to save Uis,” Mutorwa said.
Although Mutorwa described the water supply by tanker as insufficient, he did not give a short-term solution or alternative. “The driver of the water tanker is challenged. When we visited the settlement, the driver had to fill up the tanker at a water spot, but there were elephants. He had to wait for the elephants to finish up, before he could fill the tanker and go back to town,” he said.
Mutorwa described the situation in Dâures as very dire. Together with his team consisting of high-level officials from the Ministry as well as the national water utility NamWater, he inspected three boreholes, which “require immediate and urgent installations!” “The Geohydrology division at head-office was directed to source money from government’s 2016 drought emergency programme for these installations,” he said.

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