Waterfront to partially open in September

The retail centre of the Swakopmund Waterfront Development, also known as “Platz am Meer”, will officially open on 22 September this year. This new amended date is outlined by the developer, Safari Investments, who has notified the Swakopmund Town Council accordingly. The developer does indicate though that there is a “slight chance” that the ‘break water’ will not be done in time, thereby requesting an amendment to the initial agreement.

The new date is mentioned in a letter sent by Safari Investments Namibia to Town Council during April this year. In the letter, signed by Safari CEO Francois Marais, it states that Phase 1 of the development is defined as the completion of the retail centre including the ‘break water’. “We are however concerned regarding minor construction on the ‘break water’ element of Phase 1,” it states in the letter. It is for this reason that the developer wishes to amend the agreement with Town Council, to only open the retail centre.
The proposed amendment to the agreement was tabled at the recent Town Council meeting, but instead of deciding on it, the item was sent back to be discussed during the next Management Committee meeting. According to the Agenda the initial agreement between Town Council and the developer was, that the ‘break water’, and by extension, the slipway for the ski boats, needs to be functional as a prerequisite for the issue of a Completion Certificate – be it partial or final.
In the letter sent by Safari Investments Namibia, the developer shows great confidence that the retail centre will indeed be finalised by the abovementioned date, but the same will not necessarily apply to the ‘break water’. “We have consulted with our engineers and contractors on this aspect and they do anticipate the ‘break water’ to be completed in time for the opening of the retail centre. Still, for the slight chance that there remain some finishing works on the structures in and against the water, we would like to, pro-actively with Council, to agree with us on this aspect,” it states in the letter. Because of the above, the developer requests Council to make provision for continual construction of “minor outstanding works after opening of the retail centre.” In reply to the above, the General Manager: Engineering Services of the Municipality stated, that the developer is “advised to appraise the situation and to timeously seek suitable relief from the requirements of the agreement, given the attention the development attracted to present and given the time required to facilitate and make possible amendments to the agreement.”

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