We need more proposals for community upliftment projects – Clr Mensah-Williams

Addressing the community of Swakopmund, Mensah said her team from the National Council is not there to make laws for the people, but they are there to make the laws with the people, “and we want to encourage you to participate in the law-making process of Namibia” said Mensah-Williams.

Williams further said that the National Council wants to follow the President’s drive “he has a charity drive where each one of us have a role to play, whether we are sharing the little we have on the table or whether we are sharing a pair of shoes or a blanket, let’s go back to the olden way of taking care of each other within our community.
Every child belonged to the community and not to a specific person, let’s go back and care for each other, to the Ubuntu way of life. Let us groom our people and let’s make them take part in decision making” Williams emphasized.
Williams also said that there is a food backfall, which she described as a short term issue “short term in order for us to create more jobs and more projects so that our people can participate.
There are funds from the Chinese to the whole of Africa. It is US$60 billion and it is first come first serve so come up with community development projects and send it through to your regional councillors and to your national councillors and I will ensure that honourable Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Affairs will receive your projects and she will acknowledge that she has received your projects and they will be taken to the AU so that you participate with others” Williams stressed out.
Williams urged the community to come up with more community development projects so poverty can be eradicated and unemployment reduced “come up with projects so that we can get rid of alcohol abuse and get rid of shebeens in our communities, they don’t belong there.
We are not born to be a drunkard nation, but born to use what God has granted us and to utilise our potential and also let us ensure that we get rid of violence and baby dumping and all the social evils in our communities.
The main purpose of the visit was to enhance public participation in the law-making process. Mensah-Williams and her team of young members from the community (youths) from the Born a Star Production explained the functions of the National Council and how the public can get involved in the law-making process.
The youth group also dramatised the work of the National Council and why the youth should partake in the law-making process.

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