“We need to be more innovative’’

namib times 21-07-15

The media launch for the 9th annual Namport Business and Tourism Expo 2015 was held at the Namport offices on Friday. Namport invested over N$1 million dollars in this event. Erongo Red has also pledged its contribution in the form of electricity for the duration of the Expo.

Mr Bisey Uirab, CEO of the Namibia Ports Authority (NamPort) said at this occasion,  the Erongo Region was on the rise.

“We must come together to tell the world what we are capable of. We must become active participants in growing this country.

We need to engage with Namibians, especially those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, so that no one can feel left out. This expo needs to grow from strength to strength.

We have to challenge those expos in Windhoek and Ongwediva. Let us try to be number one! The economic activity in this Region can make us number 1. Let us join hands and engage with other entities, for this Expo to become the best in the country.”

In the keynote address Governor of the Erongo Region, Mr Cleophas

Mutjivikua said the previous year he had emphasised the need to move away from the traditional way of doing things, and the need to come up with innovative ideas for the business sector. “The people are looking forward to seeing new things and not to see these being manufactured in the Republic of China, but those being manufactured in Okambahe or Uis. 

Those features must be visible at events such as this, the people need to come and experience new things and sponsors should look towards investing in the manufacturing of these Namibian products.

We should be more targeted in our approach to become an industrialised nation. ”  He also mentioned, that stakeholders should look at selecting and sending 20 Namibians, for 6 months’ training to China or Thailand, to learn the manufacturing trade.

“The world is moving very fast around us and we need to catch up, and move away from tradition.

A knowledge-based eco-

nomy is the way to go. Young people, who wish to see their names written in the history books, should look at innovation. We should look at training, development, job creation, innovation, and rally such things, things that can change the lives of our people. ”

He also commented on the land issue. “We need land, yes, thus the process is to get land, service land, lay a foundation on the land.

However, to maintain a modern town, this can only be done by and with Namibian people that are employed. We cannot become heroes by creating a commotion; we cannot run this country in chaos.

We must become a strong, stable and industrial country.”

In his remarks, Mr Freddie Vries, acting CEO of Erongo Red, said by supporting the event they were creating a perfect platform, not only for our business people to interact and display their products, but also for them to discover and learn from other successful entrepreneurs.

“Our people must start migrating from traditional business practices such as ‘shebeens and cuca shops’, and keep up with the technology by inventing cutting edge products and new ideas that would propel business to listed multi- national entities on NSE or JSE.

We need to take bold steps and make smart decisions now and invest in the most important asset, our human capital – especially our youth, to be able to have sufficient skilled engineers by the year 2030, and be able not only to achieve the vision but sustain the very same vision. It is crucial for emerging entrepreneurs to venture into renewable energy sources.”

Deputy Mayor, Benson Uakumbua, said the Namport Business and Tourism Expo has “become a flagship event for our city since its inception, and continues to be a great platform for the convergence of goods and services, while remaining a true, social network for fami-lies and friends to get together and have fun.’’ 

The NamPort Erongo Business and Tourism Expo will take place at the Walvis Bay Civic Centre from 28 to 31 October.

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